Sixth Class Girls Step Up from Primary

The caps and gowns were out again at Muire Gan Smál Presentation Primary School on Wednesday, June 25th.  The sixth class girls excitedly prepared for their graduation from the school.

Acting principal, Maura Browne sent the following report on the annual but still momentous day for the  school and its departing pupils.

“There was great excitement as photos were taken and family and friends arrived for the celebrations.

The school chaplain, Canon Eoin Mangan, began by leading a beautiful prayer service focusing on change, growth and the gifts bestowed on us by God to help us move on to each new phase of life.

Prayers were said, hymns sung and blessings given before the girls moved on to the second part of the celebrations as they danced back in to the packed school hall and on to the stage to the sound of Kesha.

Pupils, families and friends were then treated to a host of memories and ‘Thank You’s’ from the girls who presented cards to their principal, teachers and other staff members. Ms. Browne Mrs Smith and Hannah O’Connell and each in turn shared some memories of the girls’ time at Muire Gan Smál before imparting a few words of wisdom to them as they moved forward.

An emotional slideshow of the girls’ journey up through the school then silenced the hall, apart from the occasional bursts of laughter from the infants at the sight of the ‘big girls’ as babies. Nothing is as funny as your ‘idols’ looking even smaller and cuter than you are!!

Celebrations concluded with gifts from the parents association and the presentation of graduation scrolls and inscribed medals to the girls by Ms Browne. The parents association then surpassed themselves once again with a fabulous array of refreshments for all.

It was evident that this group of girls would be sorely missed but equally  that there was a great sense of pride in all that they had each achieved since first entering the school eight years ago as four to five year olds. No doubt we will be hearing great things about this fantastic group of young graduates in the future.”