New Principals Appointed at Second Level Schools

Recently appopinted Castleisland Community College principal, Carmel Kelly (left) and deputy principal Terese Landers prepared for their first college term at the helm. ©Photograph: John Reidy
Recently appopinted Castleisland Community College principal, Carmel Kelly (left) and deputy principal Teresa Landers prepared for their first college term at the helm. ©Photograph: John Reidy

The Kerry Education and Training Board has announced the appointment of Ms. Carmel Kelly, as new Principal of Castleisland Community College and Teresa Landers as deputy principal.

Carmel Kelly has been a principal for three years previously, and deputy principal for six years at Listowel Community College.

Carmel has a very comprehensive track record in education management. She is a qualified PE/ English teacher and guidance councillor.

She also holds a diploma in School Development Planning and a diploma in Educational Counselling. She has a Master’s in Education and is currently completing a PhD in Education Management with the University of Limerick.

During her nine years in senior management in Listowel, Ms. Kelly increased the enrolments in the school. She introduced new subjects into the school, including Design and Communication Graphics (DCG) and Music.

The academic achievements of the students have also increased and the vast majority of students progress onto further and higher education.  Carmel has a very keen interest in health promotion; the school has achieved the Health Promotion Flag and the Active Schools Flag.  During her time there Carmel developed the new school website and Facebook page at Listowel Community College and forged very positive links with the local primary schools and the business community to enhance the educational experience of students.

Carmel represents Kerry Education and Training Board on the National Steering Committee for Instructional Leadership in education. This is a comprehensive teaching and learning programme to ensure  students receive a quality educational experience at Castleisland Community College.

Academic achievement is promoted at all levels and there is a very high percentage of students transferring to third level.

Carmel has a strong educational vision for Castleisland Community College and she is very clear that the school is very person centred in providing personalised programmes for all students ensuring their interests and aptitudes are recognised in their learning.

She is keen to emphasise that pastoral care is at the core of teaching and learning in the school.

“We have guidance counselling timetabled for many year groups. We have an integrated policy where computer access is readily available to all teachers and students,” said Ms. Kelly.

Castleisland Community College offers a very broad subject base for students at Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate levels. The school also offers a full and comprehensive Transition Year Programme. It promotes participation in business and enterprise where experienced local business people support the entrepreneurial skills of the students.

We have a welcoming open door policy to members of the community who would like to find out more about the educational services we offer at Castleisland Community College.

We are the only co-educational, multi denominational school in Castleisland. It’s a school for the whole community.  We are committed to Kerry Education and Training Board core values of Respect, Equality, Inclusion, Learning and Quality,” Carmel concluded.