Darts making a come-back at the Barrel

The ancient and noble game of Darts is set to make a return in at least one local pub for the winter. ‘Half Barrel’ host, Kathleen O’Connor posted a notice outside her premises at Upper Main Street last week to declare just that.

Tim Horgan is the organiser and the opening night of the ongoing series is down for Thursday night, October 9 and the draws will be made at 9pm sharp each night. Entry is only €2 and there will be prizes awarded each night. A cash fund will accumulate for Christmas and plans are afoot for a party in the pub for the players on finals night as the festive season approaches.

Ladies and gents are being invited to enter and the organisers are looking at the possibility of having separate leagues if the interest is shown. Kathleen can be reached at 087 7629565.