HercOileán Promotion at Centra Today

HercOileán Van
The HercOileán promotion vehicle as you’ll find it outside Centra on Castleisland’s Main Street Today.

The talented ladies at An Riocht AC commandeered my VW camper early on Friday morning and treated it to a day of TLC. And this is the result.

They want to use it as a vehicle to promote what promises to be the party of the year in Castleisland on Saturday, October 11th.

That’s the day and night of the ‘HercOileán’ The Island Warrior Challenge which is being organised as a joint venture between An Ríocht Athletic Club and Castleisland RFC.

The idea is based on a military style challenge course of 7.5km in distance.

Competitors will be faced with a variety of obstacles as they make their way around the course. Obstacles that will test the body and mind and while doing so are sure to make you laugh out loud and leave you with a feel good factor.

Once the physical side of the event is over there is a fantastic after party planned. Hermitage Green will take to the stage after several supporting acts at An Riocht at around 10pm that night and will be followed by a disco.

Tickets to the after party are included in the entry fee or they can be bought separately for €10.

And that’s what the people in front of the Centra store on Castleisland’s Main Street are doing today.

Hit the link here to find out more about the day and night being planned.

http://www.mainevalleypost.com/2014/09/17/the-island-braces-itself-for-hercoilean-challenge/ or http://www.riocht.ie/hercoilean-2/