Contacting the Spirit World in Kerry

Contacting the Spirit World in Kerry.
Contacting the Spirit World in Kerry.

Because of a couple of family bereavements in recent years and listening to well-meaning words of comfort from sympathisers, I know that there are many people in this locality ‘into’ the item I’m including here.

It’s one of the many e-mails I get every week with little or no connection to the locality, but, as I mentioned above, it really surprised me the amount of people who rely on signs or signals from the ‘other side’ to carry them over the darkness left by the passing of a family member or close friend.

The author, Tom Colton was an accountant before he became a full-time professional medium in 2009, at the age of 34. The untimely death of a much-loved uncle led Tom back to his spirituality and enabled him to discover his true vocation in life: helping people connect with their lost loved ones in the Spirit World. He is registered to carry out marriages as a minister of the Spiritualist Union of Ireland. Originally from Dublin, he now lives in Celbridge, Co. Kildare.

‘Tom will be at the Stretford End Bar in Causeway, on Tuesday 14th of October at 8pm for an evening of mediumship, following the recent release of his book Will We Ever Meet Again?, published by Mercier Press.’

Are some people closer to the Spirit World than others?

Far from being a special ‘gift’, the ability to connect with spirits is one that exists in all of us and can be developed to allow anyone to access the Spirit World, says one of Ireland’s most successful mediums.

Tom Colton’s life journey is a fascinating one that has taken him from accountancy to spirituality and his true vocation in life: helping people connect to their lost loved ones.

Mediumship can help with the healing process and help bridge the gap left by a feeling of loss that people may experience in grief, he has said

Now Tom is coming to Kerry to show how the spirit lives on when the physical body passes and how he communicates with these spirits.

Tom will be at the Stretford End Bar in Causeway, on the Tuesday 14th of October at 8pm for an evening of mediumship, following the recent release of his book Will We Ever Meet Again?, published by Mercier Press.

He has also invited attendees to bring photos of loved ones who have passed that they may wish to connect with.

Tickets for the event are available on

Will We Ever Meet Again? is published in paperback at €12.99 and is also available in eBook format from all the major outlets.

Mercier Press is Ireland’s oldest independent publishing house. Based in Cork, this year it celebrates 70 years in business.

Some testimonials on the book:

“Tom has put down in words some very moving and heart wrenching experiences , but has coupled this with the lessons that the good and the bad experiences has taught him . I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for the light in a dark time and needs inspiration to find the way forwards” .

Rev Colin Fry International Medium

 ‘Tom Colton is one of the most intriguing radio interviewees we have ever had on the show. The listener interaction is incredible, and he keeps them glued to the radio whilst he accurately connects with their loved ones who have passed on. We could never give his guest-spot enough time!’

Niall Boylan, 4FM

‘Details of my uncle Laurence’s life, death, family, and messages to both my father and other family members were uncannily accurate. Of course, a sceptic would argue deduction is the key to any psychic reading. But deduction alone can’t pinpoint names, dates, and cause of death, number of brothers, occupation, favourite tipple and other little idiosyncrasies …’

Conor O’Neill, Belfast Telegraph

‘Tom Colton is the real McCoy when it comes to mediumship and communicating with the spirits of people who have died. I have seen him at work, and the people he has helped walk away relieved and reassured. People walk away from a reading with Tom, truly believing in an afterlife once he has passed on accurate information and details about their deceased loved ones that only they would know. I have seen him come up with names, hair colour, times and places of death, and many other precise details about people who have died that he never met or knew of before. He is spreading a message too – that there is more to life than our current existence; that when we stop breathing, souls inside us live on – and I like that message. Ireland has seen an explosion of interest in spirituality and mediumship in recent years and I believe Tom is one of the genuine good and honest mediums out there.’

Kevin Jenkinson, Irish Daily Star