After Party – An End to a Perfect Day

Saturday’s big event, the HercOileán Island Warrior Challenge was the only show in town that day.

And what a show it was. It made a huge impression on the community. The surviving pubs along the main street were packed with good humoured drinkers from early on. Many of these had taken part in the great challenge itself earlier in the day.

The atmosphere and the crowds reminded many of the crazy days of the Celtic Tiger era as bar people were run off their feet to cope.

As it did during the day, the weather played the proverbial blinder. The fact that people were able to walk from the town to the centre of the action at An Riocht added its own atmosphere.

Party goers were able to mingle around the fore-court of the pavilion and chat and enjoy their company drink under a cooling starry starry night sky. While other stayed close to the great music coming from the bill toppers, Hermitage Green in the marquee.

It was amazing how many people remarked on the fact that the event has given a boost to the town at a time it’s needed most.

It will get another in a couple of weeks time when the organisers of the Patrick O’Keeffe Traditional Music Festival will be inviting followers of the music of the area to come to Castleisland over the bank holiday weekend.

We’ll be finding out over the days how financially successful the event actually was on its first outing.

That its legacy was a boon to Castleisland on Saturday is without doubt. It’s another of those home grown events in the self-help category and one of the kind we need more of to boost the economy of the area.