Presentation Secondary School Open Night

On Thursday,  November 13th, Presentation Secondary School, Castleisland held its Open Evening for incoming First Years for the 2015/2016 school year.

A Harpist was playing in the reception area as staff and students greeted 5th and 6th class girls and their parents, while the sound of the saxophone , keyboard, flute and other instruments could be heard in the foyer of the school building.

As the visitors made their way around the school, parents and students heard about the variety of subjects on offer in the school.  Scientists were at work in the science lab displaying their experiments from Science Week.  The aroma of freshly baked cakes and treats lulled the visitors into the Home Economics room where students and their teacher had their skills on display. The school’s Spanish assistant, Laura, had prepared an interactive quiz which showed the importance of the language and the many situations where it is relevant in our lives.

Maths quizzes and board games engaged the young people in the Maths and Business rooms while the computer room was a great attraction, as the young people participated in the variety of programmes on offer.

While parents listened to the Principal, Katherina Broderick and the Guidance teacher, Ms Maria Kennelly, extol the mission of the school and explain the curricular and extra-curricular activies on offer at the school, the young girls enjoyed the social activity, availing of the many facilities including table tennis and the Wii.

All parents were invited to the staff room for refreshments where many recalled their time in the school and made connections with old friends. All commented on the wonderful atmosphere in the school and the welcoming and friendly students who were on hand to lead people around and answer questions.

Ms. Broderick said “We were delighted with the attendance on what was a great night. We were very pleased that so many people availed of the opportunity to see what Presentation Secondary School has to offer, from the Science Lab with all the experiments being conducted, to the social activity area, to the quiet, reflective atmosphere of the Sacred Space.  I would like to thank everyone that attended and we look forward to welcoming many of these girls to our school next year”.

For those who didn’t enrol on the night, enrolment is still open. Contact the school for more information. Telephone 066 71 41178 or Email: