Santa and Mrs Claus are Coming to Town This Evening

Santa and Mrs. Claus will breeze into Castleisland this evening at around 4-30pm and they will meet and greet children and their parents on Main Street.

They will be accompanied by characters from Frozen and the organisers have promised Hot Chocolate and treats to go along with the excitement.

The newly refurbished Christmas Lights will  be officially switched on by Women’s Rugby World Cup heroine, Siobhan Fleming and the Desmonds Ladies at the River Island Hotel at 5pm.

The town will be alive with the sound of  Christmas music along the street and master of ceremonies, Charlie Farrelly will officially greet Santa and Mrs. Claus and their friends from Frozen when they arrive in town as dusk descends.

The Christmas lights are in sparkling form this year and the Tidy Towns committee members are grateful to Cllr. Michael Gleeson for giving up his church-gate collection for a second year so that the lights refurbishment work could be carried on from last year.

“We’re very thankful to Cllr. Gleeson and to John Keane – who has completed the job on the lights and they will be back to their former glory this year,” said the committee spokesperson, Mary Walsh.

“Some of the businesses on the Main Street from the pedestrian crossing down have taken it upon themselves to erect lights on the trees outside their own premises. The cost of this will be bourne by the individual business and we’re very grateful to them for taking the responsibility for this,” said Mary.

Needless to say: but it will be business as usual in the shops and stores in this very traditional market town. Local business spokespeople are urging local support for local jobs and outlets. They say that Santa and his friends are a seasonal and very welcome addition to the friendly trader atmosphere which draws people to the town from far and wide. It will be an evening of great fun and the forecast is good. It maybe a bit foggy but Santa loves that kind of weather anyway.