Filing for the Imposing Hand of Posterity

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In this game, every once-in-a-while, photographs slip through the cracks and don’t get published at or around the time they’re taken. This was more often than not the case in years gone by.

It was a regular occurance that a photograph or photographs would lie in the darkness of a box or in a drawer and never see the light of day in the life-time of the people featured. Not so much these days. However, these days of instant results and selfies and the huge leap in the quality of camera-phones means that photographs can be taken, viewed and consigned to another form of darkness by not being kept or recorded for the imposing and always outstretched hand of posterity consigned to me and my equals.

The selfie craze is great fun and its dedicated practitioners are improving by the week and there are ‘long arms’ available now to mount your phone on. It would be good though if the selfie people did one or two pure ordinary pics in the course of their events – just for that damned posterity or keepsake – if you like.

Anyway, this is a collection, in no particular order, of photographs I took in the course of the year and many of them on my camera phone. Most of them are only seeing the light of day now and I hope those of you who like looking through this kind of stuff will knock some enjoyment out of it all. Spot the selfie with a difference !

I must thank the people who stood there – including my-selfie – and let me do what I do so that we can all help in passing on an idea of what life is like in our time. Please do Like & Share as your encouragement is good for the soul of the operation. – John Reidy 2015