Right2Water Branch calls for support for Castleisland Protest March

Right2Water groups from all over Kerry will converge on Castleisland on the coming Saturday, January 17th  for a peaceful march from the Ivy Leaf Art Centre at 2pm.

Right2Water Castleisland, a community action group, came into being with a lively question and answer meeting at the same venue on Wednesday night. An extensive leaflet drop was arranged at the meeting and a team of locals volunteered to inform the people of the area over the following days.

Set up on a strictly voluntary basis by private citizens who have serious concerns about Irish Water, its set-up, water charges and the potential privatization of our water supply. This is a community group with no affiliation to any political parties or unions.

The group would, however, welcome support from those who share their beliefs with regards to this campaign. They are hoping, in particular, for support from Castleisland and its hinterland for Saturday’s march.

Speakers, Kevin Murphy and Brian McCarthy told the 40 strong gathering at Wednesday night’s pre-march meeting of their belief that water charges will financially cripple families, the elderly, sick and those who are struggling under the current regime of austerity.

“Water charges will add to the expanding homeless population and will incite stress, fear and mental anguish on the populace. The quality and supply of water is already paid for in general taxation to the tune of €1.2 billion, with a further approximately €400million available,” Kevin Murphy told the gathering.

Marchers from the various Right2Water groups will gather at the Ivy Leaf Art Centre before the 2pm start on Saturday afternoon.

In the meantime you can keep up to date on the campaign activity and more by clicking on:  https://www.facebook.com/KerryRight2Water