The Furey Brothers, Davey Arthur & Vincent Murphy

Vincent Murphy and the Furey Brothers 28-7-1983Another random selection from the vault: It’s a case of The Furey Brothers & Davey Arthur & Vincent Murphy.

Vincent Murphy of Murphy & Sons Sports Shop, Castleisland travelled to the Gleneagle Hotel in July 1983 to present a set of sports bags to the Furey Brothers and Davey Arthur as they prepared for their world tour later that year.

The Fureys were at the height of their worldwide popularity at the time and the bold Vincent pounced or struck while the iron was hot.
Included are front from left: Eddie Furey, Vincent Murphy, George Furey, Finbar Furey and Davey Arthur. Back from left: Paul Furey with Gerard and Rory Murphy. ©Photograph: John Reidy 28-7-1983