Birthday Greetings from Jean to Mary F

A note from Jean Horgan arrived early this morning sending best wishes to her UK based cousin, Mary F. McGaley who celebrates her birthday this very day:

“ From Here To There To You .Happy Birthday to my first cousin, bridesmaid and best friend. July 29th was always your day Mary.

Remembering all those special years and looking forward to sharing many more with you.

My promise to visit you before long will be honoured and we’ll catch up !

Keep your eye out for your Postman. Wishing you all the best. Still loving you as in childhood ….Jean.”

And so say all of us.

Photo captions: Now and Then: Jean (left) and Mary F as babies. Below: Birthday girl Mary F. McGaley, Castleisland and the UK (right) pictured during a visit home with her cousin and Castleisland resident, Jean Hewitt-Horgan in 2013. ©Photograph: John Reidy