Currow’s Charlie Singing the Praises of Kerry in Advance

Charlie Daly from Currow has put a song together – and his neck on the block – ahead of Sunday’s winner-takes-all, Kerry V Dublin All-Ireland Senior Football Championship final.
Charlie’s song, Sam Belongs to The Kingdom has been recorded by  Seamus Healy from Glenflesk and he has released it on YouTube.

The composer’s 13 year-old daughter, Maria and her friend, Lauren Butler produced a video to go with the song.
The girls are both first year students at St. Joseph’s Presentation in Castleisland.
Charlie’s song leaves no doubt about the outcome of Sunday’s game and the population of Kerry – at least – will be hoping his faith is justified and rewarded.
There will be many an anxious moment between here and Sunday evening before we see the colour of the ribbons dangling from the handles of the Sam Maguire Cup.
You can listen to Charlie’s song and see Maria’s and Lauren’s work on the video here.