Brother Act – The Video

A screen grab from the 90 second video message from the Healy Raes
A screen grab from the 90 second video message from the Healy Raes

If you’re in any way politically aware you will know that the Kerry constituency probably had more ground breaking activity over the past week than the whole of the country put together.

The resignation of Tom Fleming, TD from Dáil Éireann today week, the Dan Kiely recount in Tralee and yesterday’s announcement that the Healy Rae General Election 2016 Campaign is hitting the road in earnest.

Cllr. Danny Healy Rae’s addition to the ticket alongside his brother Michael caught many observers on the hop.
Now, Danny is looking to the site of his greatest ever haul of votes to create Kerry political history. He is calling on the electorate of the Killarney Municipal Area to back his attempt to make it all the way to the 32nd Dáil.

In success, the brothers would create a unique record in Kerry at least and the betting is that they’ll do it.
They’re extremely hardworking and popular ‘on the ground’ almost everywhere they go and the stories of how they helped people out in times of stress in their lives are legendary and coming thick and fast as the bandwagon hits the highways and byways of the now sprawling, Kerrywide constituency.
The Healy Rae camp has just released this video today and you can take a look here and see what you think.  You can also mull over just where those five Kerry seats are going to go come count day on February 27th. To see the Healy Rae campaign video message just click below.