Joanne Celebrates Special Birthday with Family & Friends

Mad Ones
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It used to be unethical, bad mannered and often downright dangerous to announce, mutter or even let slip a lady’s age. Now, baloons, banners and bunting shamelessly scream it from all corners of the party room and from Facebook pages.
So, Joanne Walmsley celebrated her …….. – there I just can’t do it. Look at the balloons yourself and you’ll see the youthful and talented Joanne is ……..
Anyway, Joanne and her daughter, Labhaoise and sisters: Tara, Noreen and Michelle celebrated in great style at friend, Sandra O’Connor’s house here in Castleisland before boarding a bus for Killarney.
Off they went, all kitted out or dressed to kill in their Mad Ones mix and match outfits.
In Killarney, they continued to mark the special event in several venues until ‘late’ as they say on all these great occasions.
Today is a day of recovery for the travelling party. So, along with belated Happy…. Birthday wishes to Joanne we can only hope that they take a leaf from the FG election handbook and Keep the Recovery Going.