Community College to proudly Fly the Tricolour on Tuesday

Castleisland Community College Photo from National Flag Ceremony
Teacher Elaine Murphy with students: Tommy Boyle, Alannah Butler, Laura Foran and Robbie Carroll after they had collected their precious gift from the government in Croke Park on Monday. Photograph Courtesy of Castleisland Community College.

As part of the Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme, a special ceremony for post primary schools took place in the presence of President Michael D. Higgins in Croke Park Stadium.
It was run in conjunction with the Thomas F. Meagher Foundation.
Thomas Francis Meagher flew the Irish Tricolour for the first time on March 7th.1848 at the Wolftone Confederate Club, The Mall, Waterford.
He hoped that one day the green, white and orange would be Ireland’s national colours.
After many intervening developments this wish came true. The Irish Tricolour was flown from the roof of the GPO by the insurgents of Easter 1916 as a symbol of an Irish Republic founded on freedom and equality of rights.
The Thomas F. Meagher Foundation aims to promote pride in and respect for the Irish Flag and its true meaning for peace on this island. Events included an address by the President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins and a speech by Reverend Michael Cavanagh, Chair of the Thomas F Meagher Foundation.

Click on the Image here to see the work of Castleisland Community College students and teachers in the compilation of their '1916 Commemorations Kerry ETB Competition Film Entry.'
Click on the Image here to see the work of Castleisland Community College students and teachers in the compilation of their ‘1916 Commemorations Kerry ETB Competition Film Entry.’

There was also an exciting performance by Seo Linn. The students were then presented with the National Flag and copies of the Proclamation. The day was most enjoyable for all who attended.
“It was a great opportunity to promote the powerful and positive symbolism of our national flag. On Tuesday, March 15th we will raise the National Flag in school on Proclamation Day,” said teacher Elaine Murphy who accompanied the students on their exciting and historic trip to Croke Park on Monday.

Students and teachers were also busy in the ‘film studio’ recently and you can see the hugely impressive results of their collaboration by clicking on the ‘1916’ image here on the page.

As part of the Kerry ETB Commemorating 1916 Competition, first year history students from Castleisland Community College set to work to create an original song.

“The song is made up of original lyrics to a well-known melody, Fast Car by Tracy Chapman.

The students spent a considerable amount of time in history class researching the events of 1916 from the reading out of the proclamation to who ordered the execution of the leaders,” said teacher Elaine Murphy.

“It was painstaking at times to come up with the words that suited the melody and remaining true to the events of 1916. A series of pictures and videos were then compiled to create a video for the song.

“It was great to see the drive and commitment the students had while undertaking the project. We are so proud of their achievement and hugely impressed with the innovation and compassion creating such original and meaningful lyrics.

“A special thanks to Ms O’Sullivan and Rachel O’Connor fifth year who worked with and fine-tuned the song with the history class. We wish them the best of luck in the upcoming competition,” said Ms. Murphy.