Cormac’s Healy Rae Float Catches the eye of The Journal


Out of all the colour and excitement of yesterday’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade came a roundabout compliment for Cormac O’Mahony’s always topical, ever arty float.

The Journal picked out Cormac’s Danny and Michael Healy Rae and the Red Cow Roundabout float as one of its best in Ireland.

This year’s parade was an all out affair and the sheer numbers taking part was well up on other years.

Some remarked last night that the number of spectators was down on other years but the town was buzzing for hours after the final float had left the street with some of the pubs crowded up to closing time.

It was another reminder of the town in the good times and if an excuse can be found for three or four more days like this in the round of the year – then you could be talking about noticing a recovery.

There were more hands on deck too this year with the involvement of the Castleisland Chamber Alliance and this will come as a blessed relief to the existing and over worked committee.

Charlie Farrelly was delighted with the way the day turned out and he was being congratulated by those who came to town simply to be entertained.

Children were much more visible this year and they all made huge efforts as the 1916 Easter Rising took prominence as a theme.

The Cullen Pipe Band certainly added its own charm to the event and Clonmel hero, Coolavanny Bingo and handlers, Noel Browne, Pat and Eddie Mahony got a rousing round of applause as they rounded the Market Cross bend and onto Main Street.