The Daisy Room Opens at Community College

Principal Carmel Kelly and a group at the opening of the Daisy Room at Castleisland Community College.
Principal Carmel Kelly (left) and a group at the opening of the Daisy Room at Castleisland Community College.

The Student Council of Castleisland Community College, together with the invaluable guidance of Jigsaw Kerry, have opened up a Mental Health Corner in the school which they now call, The Daisy Room.

Schools play a vital role in the promotion of positive mental health in teenagers by providing a safe and supportive environment that nurtures the building of life skills and resilience.

Needs and Concerns

Students’ positive experience of school is fostered by encouraging healthy relationships and by providing them with a voice to express their needs and concerns. The result of one such collaboration is The Daisy Room at the college.

“The Daisy has sometimes being viewed as a symbol of harmony, simplicity, innocence – of new beginnings and transformation. Others view it as symbolising the sun with the petals resembling the ray. It’s all very apt for our understanding of the role of this space. ” said college Principal, Carmel Kelly.

Away from the Pressure

“It’s a place to relax, chill out, spend time with friends and access information from literature and digital screening of positive mental health video clips.

Castleisland Community College principal, Carmel Kelly providing Maths guidance at the college for parents. ©Photograph:  John Reidy
Castleisland Community College Principal, Carmel Kelly is backing the initiative of her students in promoting positive mental health.   ©Photograph: John Reidy

“It is also a relaxing place for a small class group to work successfully away from the pressure of the classroom setting.

“The students were proactive in undertaking the fundraising necessary for the purchase of beanbags, securing funding from the parents’ association and utilising the support of transition year students in the interior design.

Part of the Daily Experience

“To date students are expressing very positive regard for this space and it would it wonderful if this initiative could grow, evolve and become an integral part of the daily experience for students.

“The Student Council vision does not end there however as they would like to take this design further by getting the support and resources necessary to secure a new purpose built room. That room would be a focal point for students to assemble and integrate in a friendly calm atmosphere. All Support Welcome,” said Ms. Kelly – backing the initiative of her students. For more information on Castleisland Community College you can click here: