Couch to What ? It’s Brand New Couch-to-3K

Couch-2-3K Launch at An Riocht AC 12-6-2016
From here to There: An Riocht AC Manager, Kate McSweeney with Eileen O’Connor and Bríd Kenny as they launched the new Couch-2-3K initiative at An Riocht AC earlier today. ©Photograph: John Reidy

A new initiative to get people away from the couch for the summer has just been launched at An Ríocht Athletic Club earlier today.

Couch to 3K begins at An Riocht AC on this Tuesday evening, June 14th at 7pm. It’s similar to other years as people eagerly await the summer season for an opportunity to change their ways with the help of a structured programme.
“There is a slight difference in the running this time around,” as manager Kate McSweeney explained.

“This summer we’re going to work towards running a 3K before we move on to tackle the 5K distance.

More Achievable

“The 3K focus will be a lot more appealing and more achievable for many. Once that initial 3K distance has been reached in late July we’ll switch the focus to adding on the extra 2K in August.
“Unlike many other exercise class formats, Couch to 3K will offer an opportunity for the whole family to get fit together. Children under 12 can attend free once they are supervised – and buggies are common sight on the track.

Done and Dusted in 40 Minutes

“The session is done and dusted in 40 minutes, so can be easily slotted in to a busy schedule. On night one, this Tuesday, The Healthy Chef a.k.a. Eileen O’Connor will be on hand with nutritious snacks to sample right after the session.
“Also in an effort to get as many people as possible to join in on ‘The Fitness Movement’ the people at An Riocht are offering all their classes at just €5 pay as you go for the whole summer long! Have a look at our facebook page for details,” said Kate.