Richard Turns his Focus on Digital Art

Richard Nolan Digital Art 2-7-2016
Creating Digital Art: Richard Nolan in his studio in Castleisland where he is embarking on a change of career. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Locals got a glimpse of Richard Nolan’s ‘Art Customized’ work in the course of posters and a feature here in The Maine Valley Post on Friday night’s Brawl in the Hall.

I thought our readers would be curious about Richard and his work – as I certainly was and I asked him to let us know a bit more about himself.

After completing his leaving cert in 1992 Richard had been interested in third level Art courses but he ended up doing a Computers / Business course in Trinity College in the Management Science and Information Systems Studies category.

Software Development

“From there I got a software development job with IBM and stayed there until recently completing 18 and a half years with them.

One of Richard's many Digital Art images for Friday night's Brawl in the Hall.
One of Richard’s many Digital Art images for Friday night’s Brawl in the Hall. ©Richard Nolan

“I was doing very technical programming jobs and recently working with new cloud configurations. “Also in the last while I got back into art, firstly with the paint-brush and then decided to pursue Digital Art to try to take advantage of the technical route my career had taken up to now…

“I created and sold Digital Art paintings on a site called Redbubble.

“This is a site where artists can upload works free of charge and customers can choose to print your art on any number of products like: canvass, iphone covers, etc…

Online Printing

“After some success with this I created my own website, where customers can upload their own photos and I can create images from those in the style of their choosing.

“Through any online printing service they can get their image delivered to them on a mounted canvass all ready to ‘hang on a hook’!

Graphic Design

“I’m currently re-training myself in Graphic Design and doing a diploma with the hope of working more in the industry while continuing to create art. My designs are suitable for anything from IPhone covers to wall mounted canvass prints and for all occasions from birthdays, anniversaries and corporate gifts.

“As well as the recent work for ‘Brawl in the Hall’ some of my paintings that Castleisland people may like include those of Main Street and Church Street.

“I also have a facebook page which can be found with a search for ‘Art Customized’ and people can see some of the work there,” said Richard. Richard Nolan can be contacted on or on: 086 839 5184