Shooting of cattle ‘A disgraceful, despicable act’ – Healy-Rae

The shooting of cattle on a farm - "a disgraceful, despicable act"  - Michael Healy-Rae, TD.
The shooting of cattle on a farm – “a disgraceful, despicable act” – Michael Healy-Rae, TD.

 On Tuesday,  members members of the Defence Forces shot dead five cows at a farm in Monaghan. A security detail made up of the Army and Gardaí were accompanying a debt collector onto the property.

The fact that Irish Army men were used by a financial debt collecting company to shoot cattle belonging to a Monaghan farmer was raised in Dáil Éireann yesterday, July 7th by Kerry T.D Michael Healy-Rae.

Ordered to Pull the Trigger

Deputy Healy-Rae described the action as an ‘absolutely disgraceful despicable act’ and he went on to say that those who ordered the men to pull the trigger were acting in a disgraceful manner.

“It’s not the people who shot the gun but the people who gave the order, shame on them,” said Mr. Healy Rae.

Michael Healy Rae, TD condemned the 'high handed action' of debt collectors.
Michael Healy Rae, TD condemned the ‘high handed action’ of debt collectors. ©John Reidy

High Handed Action

“There is a spin being put on the whole affair now by trying to say the cattle had TB. Even if they had it was the first time that this type of action would have ever been used to deal with a situation like it.

“I was reliably informed that they hadn’t even been tested so how could anyone even know whether they had TB or not?

“This shows the high handed action of some of the people involved in debt collection and it should not be tolerated and the people that are responsible should hang their heads in shame” Deputy Healy-Rae concluded.