Cordal/Scart Minors to Face Currow in East Kerry Division 2 League Final

Paddy Flynn, Cordal GAA Club Pro. ©
Paddy Flynn, Cordal GAA Club Pro. ©

Cordal/Scart put on a fantastic display of football on Sunday as they played Spa in a fight to earn a spot in the Division 2 East Kerry League Final.

By Paddy Flynn

The game took place in Spa pitch and kicked off at 2pm under wet and windy conditions. It was Spa who went on the attack first. This proved successful with a early point scored by Niall McCarthy. Shay Walsh was first out the gate for Cordal/Scart and he scored a point in the first minute.

Spa scored three more points in the next few minutes. David Spillane scored a point in the second minute, followed by a point from Niall McCarthy in the fifth minute and Gary Vaughan scored a point from a 45 soon after.

Fantastic Finesse

Cordal/Scart had enough of Spa holding the lead and in the next few minutes completely took over the game with fantastic finesse.

Jason Cronin began the Cordal/Scart campaign with a motivating goal in the sixth minute. This inspired Eddie Horan to do the same two minutes later and, barely a minute after, Jason Cronin repeated the process scoring his second goal of the game.

If three goals weren’t enough, Kieran Enright made sure to let Spa know what they were up against and scored a forth goal for Cordal/Scart in the tenth minute.

The Spa boys were under fierce pressure now and after a final point scored by Niall McCarthy in the 12th minute they were on the defensive for the rest of the half.

Cordal/Scart spent the rest of the half clocking up more points to maintain their dominating lead.

Fouls by Spa

T.J O’Connor scored a point for Cordal/Scart in the 15th minute. This was followed up by a point from a free scored by Shay Walsh. Fouls by Spa would help Cordal/Scart again and Eddie Horan was next to score a point from a free in the 20th minute. Another free for Shay Walsh led to another point in the 22nd minute and five minutes later Shay would have the ball over the Spa bar again.

Thirty minutes gone, the referee blew the whistle leaving two very contrasting half time scores. Cordal/Scart held a very strong thirteen point lead with 4-06 to Spa’s 0-05. Cordal/Scart came back in the second half ready to face Spa who were going to give everything they had to turn the tables.

Cordal/Scart held firm though and quickly reminded Spa who was in control. T.J O’Connor yet again was first on the ball for Cordal scoring a point in the first minute of the half.

Control of the Game

This was followed by Jason Cronin who scored another point for Cordal/Scart a minute later. Spa would be next to score with Dion Marcus booting a point over the bar in the third minute.

Hugh O’Connor was next to make his mark for Cordal/Scart and scored in the fourth minute. Spa’s David Spillane hit the ball over the bar only two minutes later.

Michael Kearney scored a point next for Spa in the eighth minute. In the ninth minute Eddie Horan scored a point for Cordal/Scart and Spa got their last score of the day when David Spillane scored a point in the 13th minute.

Cordal/Scart maintained control of the game for the rest of the half. Kieran O’Donoghue scored a point in the 21st minute for Cordal/Scart. Jason Cronin scored a point six minutes later. Shay Walsh scored in the 28th minute and Eddie Horan took the final score of the day with a point in the 29th minute.

The Better Team

The referee blew the whistle at the end of the half. Cordal/Scart had proved themselves to be the better team holding a very impressive eighteen point lead with 4-15 to Spa’s 0-09.

Well done to Cordal/Scart despite the harsh conditions and missing players. They completely dominated this game. Cordal/Scart will now play Currow in the Division 2 East Kerry League Final in what will most definitely be an extremely intense and exciting match.

Cordal/Scart Team: 1. Conor Mitchell; 2. Jack Walsh; 3. Jack McAuliffe; 4. Padraig Brosnan; 5. Padraig O’Connor; 6. Josh Kerin; 7. Hugh O’Connor; 8. Kieran O’Donoghue; 9. Sean Horan; 10. T.J O’Connor; 11. Eddie Horan; 12. Sean Walsh; 13. Jason Cronin; 14. Kieran Enright; 15. Shay Walsh. Referee: Brian Hickey

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Fixtures  Cordal will now play Currow this Saturday, September 17th. at 3pm in Currow as part of the O’Donoghue Cup competition.

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