Political Fáilte for Faulty Water Pipe Replacement

Danny Healy Rae, TD and Cllr. Maura Healy Rae - glad to send good news to Castleisland.  ©Photograph:  John Reidy
Danny Healy Rae, TD and Cllr. Maura Healy Rae – glad to send good news to Castleisland.
©Photograph: John Reidy

Danny Healy Rae TD and Cllr.Maura Healy Rae sent a note to convey their delight that their ‘very strong and continuous representations to Irish Water has yielded a commitment to spend €250.000 to replace the asbestos water mains in Main Street, Castleisland and the Tralee Road.’

“This mains was continuously breaking down and disrupting the supply to the locality.

Welcome News

Up to 700 metres of new pipes will be laid in 2017 to replace the old waterpipe, this is indeed very welcome news for the people of this area,” said the message.

The news was also welcomed in messages from local representative, Cllr. Bobby O’Connell (FG) and Cllr. Niall Kelleher. (FF).

Cllr. O’Connell’s and Cllr Kelleher’s message is as follows: “Funding of €250,000 for the replacement of 700 meters of the existing asbestos cement, cast iron and lead water pipes with a 160mm uPVC main has been allocated by Irish Water. It is intended that the work will be carried out in early 2017.”

Asbestos Done Away With

Isn’t it nearly incredible that asbestos pipes still convey water supplies into the homes and business premises.

The good news that asbestos is being done away with in a public water supply system has to be just that.

However, there will be the pain of seeing the streets and footpaths being dug up yet again in the name of one scheme or another. But there will be the consolation of knowing that this will be the last time. It will – won’t it ?

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