Foal Not Abandoned But in Need of Shelter

Donald the Foal tied to his spot on the green at St. Stephen's Park tonight. ©Photograph: John Reidy
Donald the Foal tied to his spot on the green at St. Stephen’s Park tonight. ©Photograph: John Reidy

I’ve been hearing about what some people seem to think is an abandoned pony at St. Stephen’s Park since the day of the fair on November 1st.

He’s certainly not abandoned as he’s tied to what looks like the wheel of a mowing machine and he doesn’t look hungry – but is in clear and urgent need of shelter.

Very Upset Caller

One caller, who was very upset at the prospect of the handsome little foal spending another night out on the green there without shelter, said the thought was ‘freaking her out’ and she is wondering what the Gardaí and the local ISPCA are doing about it.

There is no local ISPCA branch and the nearest is in Tralee to the best of my knowledge and the Gardaí can only act if there is a complaint lodged with them.

There is, she assured me, a belt of really cold and wet weather on the way and she just can’t imagine the little creature’s suffering under such circumstances.

Conveyed Feelings

Well I have just conveyed the lady’s feelings when I called to the house of the people I though may be the owners.

I was told that yes they were the owners and that the little pony was belonging to a young child.

The little animal is nervous and clearly a very young foal. It’s coat and general condition looks good – but I’m no expert in horse health or welfare.

I was told the little foal, which I addressed as Donald when I took the photograph here, because of the day that’s in it, would be sheltered and looked after.

If anyone has advice on food and shelter they can pass it on here. That’s all I can do for now.

Horse Being Punched

A local young man who identified himself in a Facebook post earlier told The Maine Valley Post that he had witnessed a horse being punched continuously into the head on the street on the day of the November 1st fair day. You will always have that kind of savage abroad on days like that. The concern expressed or shown is surely a good sign of the community.

You can log onto the Kerry branch of the ISPCA with a click on the link here:

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