Handed Down and Drawing Together – Tonight at 8pm in Scart

Handed Down Jerry McCarthy Special 22-10-2016
At the October Handed Down in Scartaglin Heritage Centre were, front: James O’Mahony, Shane and Bronagh Browne and Roisín O’Connor. Back row: PJ Teahan, series founder member; Siobhán McCarthy-O’Mahony, Paudie O’Connor, presenter; Aoife Ní Chaoimh and Mary O’Connor-Browne. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Last month’s Handed Down installment of the ongoing series broadened its imaginary boundaries when it drew together a party of little people. They got it honest and they are true inheritors of the sacred script of the ‘Slí Beatha Sliabh Luachra.’

They have the culture and the music of the area deep in their hearts and minds and they know now what the people ‘here at home’ think of their very recent ancestors who kept the music alive when it was neither popular or profitable.

As Jackie Daly might say: It wasn’t always so Sliabh Luachrative.

Fit for Purpose

The kept it to such an extent that it was, at the end of their lives, well fit for purpose and in great and regular order to be Handed Down.

Last month’s night was held on Saturday, October 22nd and it was dedicated to the memory of Jerry McCarthy (1927-1995).

Handed Down Jerry McCarthy Special 22-10-2016
Honouring the Sliabh Luachra legacy with their talents at the October 22nd Handed Down special on the late Jerry McCarthy were: Aidan Connolly, Siobhán McCarthy-O’Mahony, Con Moynihan, Paudie O’Connor who presented the night’s programme; Mick Culloty and PJ Teahan, event founders. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Jerry’s daughter, Siobhán was there and so was her fiddle-playing son James O’Mahony – isn’t breeding a fright.

Mary O’Connor-Browne was there too with her two children, Bronagh and Shane Browne and they were warming up for their performances with the memory of their late grand-dad, Dan Jeremiah O’Connor to guide them.

Paudie O’Connor, who presented the night’s programme was accompanied by his wife, Aoife Ní Chaoimh and their fiddle playing daughter Roisín.

Aidan Connolly and his uncle Con Moynihan lent their considerable talents in the salute to one the giants of the area and its music.

Eoin Stan Presenting

This Saturday night, November 19th at 8pm sharp, the programme will be presented by Newmarket musician, Eoin Stan O’Sullivan.

Eoin Stan O'Sullivan will present the Handed Down programme on Tom Billy Murphy at the Scartaglin Heritage Centre tonight at 8pm sharp. ©Photograph: John Reidy
Eoin Stan O’Sullivan will present the Handed Down programme on Tom Billy Murphy at the Scartaglin Heritage Centre tonight at 8pm sharp. ©Photograph: John Reidy

A natural story-teller, Eoin Stan is returning to Scartaglin Heritage Centre to present a programme on one of Sliabh Luachra’s most enigmatic and surely iconic and influential figures, Tom Billy Murphy.

The Blind Fiddler – Tom Billy Murphy of Glencollins, Ballydesmond, (1875-1943) his story and the music associated with him will be Eoin Stan’s special focus tonight.

In a chapter on Tom Billy’s life in Donal Hickey’s standout book, Stone Mad for Music, he quotes the late Johnny O’Leary when they spoke about how his other senses more that made up for his lack of sight: “He could hear a honeybee walking,” was Johnny’s lyrical response according to Donal.

Eoin Stan O’Sullivan is a founding member and driving force behind Scully’s Fest in Newmarket, Co. Cork each August.

Musical Guests

His guests in Scart tonight will include his father Raymond and the O’Sullivan sisters Niamh and Siobhan also from Newmarket.

“We’re looking forward to this, our second lecture in the 2016 / 17 season and our special guests on the night will be guitarist, Paul de Grae and harpist, Reidun Schlesinger. Their CD Amala was released only in August.

Mary Lawless from Tralee will sing on the night and our invited, young musicians are: Anna Buckley from Millstreet and Leah Murphy from Lyre.

Each of the Handed Down nights start at 8pm sharp and run to 10.30pm or so. Patrons are asked to be in their seats a couple of minutes before the starting time.

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