Latest Lyreacrompane and District Journal is on the Shelves

Lyreacrompane Playground Opening 30-3-2012
Duagh/Lyre PP and playwright the late Fr. Pat Moore with young parishioners as gave his blessings to the new playground at its official opening at Lyreacrompane Community Centre. ©Photograph: John Reidy 30-3-2012

The tradition of communities producing local journals continues throughout Kerry.

One such example is the Lyreacrompane and District Journal. Journal number twelve is now in shops in the area and in local towns €10 per copy.  The first Lyre Journal was produced in 1990.

Local History Material
Local history material just seems to keep surfacing from what appears to have always been a quiet, isolated, rural community.

A quick dip into this journal shows that the Lyreacrompane area had a fascinating past and a story well worth telling.

For example: did you know that Lyreacrompane was once seriously discussed by the British War Office as the ideal location for an artillery range?

Kay O'Leary, who researched and wrote much of the contents of the journal, is pictured here with its editor, Joe Harrington. ©Photograph: John Reidy
Kay O’Leary, who researched and wrote much of the contents of the journal, is pictured here with its editor, Joe Harrington. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Or that a major scandal and court case arose out of a political meeting held outside the Glen Schoolhouse in Lyreacrompane in 1889.

Strongest Man in Ireland

Or that the strongest man in Ireland once lived in the Lyre/Duagh parish. Put all this together with such intriguing headlines: The Lyreacrompane Find; The Masked Marauders of Rathea; A letter by a Lyreacrompane exile in 1879; A tribute in rhyme to the late Fr Pat Moore – by Sonny Egan and the Curranes National School Observation book of 1869 – and you are only getting started on this edition.
Editor Joe Harrington expressed special thanks to Kay O’Leary for her research on the journal and the articles which she wrote – including one on the first twenty years of the Dan Paddy Andy Festival.

Put Pen to Paper

Other contributors include: Buddy and Mary Kelliher; Billy O’Connell; Jack and Dan Joyce; Sean White; Mike Doyle; Thomas Dillon; Caoimhe Lyons; Billy Keane; Nora Scanlon; John Stack; Helen Harrington-Schisas; Mary Nash-Orr and Bridget McAuliffe.

“We are already working on the next journal and we are hoping that people will put pen to paper once again – after reading this one,”- Joe concluded.


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