Potholes Pose Road Safety Risk at The Market Cross

Welcome to Castleisland: The state of the road at the Market Cross on the main Tralee / Killarney Road into the town this afternoon. ©Photograph: John Reidy

People driving into the town of Castleisland in recent times need to take great care as the road around the Market Cross is in a woeful state.

The Market Cross is a whole senses experience these days as you can feel, hear and see your way through it.

A Recurring Theme

It’s a recurring theme there as that gentle bend has been dug up and patched several times over the past decade in the name of water pipe repairs. If you’re not aware of the dangers, a rude awakening awaits you not to mention what damage the potholed surface there will do to your springs – or those of your car.

If you’re a cyclist you need to take extra care or you’d be out over the handlebars before you could say Nellie Murphy.

Springs Being Tested

From a pedestrian’s point of view the potholes look harmless enough until you watch at the cars waving and the springs being tested as they navigate their way over them.

This area is also a busy, non official pedestrian crossing point between the Market House Corner and Lawlor’s.

Concentration Elsewhere

With motorists busily ducking and weaving between potholes you can understand that their concentration is elsewhere and that poses its own dangers for those on foot.

Do Take Care

How ever you travel, do watch out for the Market Cross patch as it’s likely to get worse with the rain we’re getting lately.

Do take care until Kerry County Council takes care of it.


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