Reduce, Reuse and Please Recycle – Community College Students

The 2018 Junk Kouture / Recycled Drink Cans creation by Lucy Setterfield modelling the ‘dress’ and with co-creator Ruth Borgeat at Castleisland Community College. Their creation is now on display at Castleisland Library with a reminder that only 54% of drink cans are recycled in Ireland each year. Photographs: Pia Thornton and John Reidy

Castleisland Community College undertook a clean up of the Tonbwee area recently and decided, along with Castleisland Tidy Towns, to display the Junk Couture entry made by Ruth Borgeat and Lucy Setterfield in the local library.

The dress is made from aluminum cans that were painted and shaped into flowers.

“Only 54% of cans are recycled and the students wish to highlight the need to recycle following their town clean-up.

“Sadly much of the rubbish collected e.g. paper and cans could have been recycled,” said college teacher, Doreen Killington.

Junk Kouture Entrants

Transition Year students, Lucy and Ruth entered their recycling project to the Bank of Ireland Junk Kouture recycled fashion competition in UCH Limerick last March.

Bank of Ireland Junk Kouture is a national competition which aims to educate teenagers on the importance of recycling as the competition only allows the use of recyclable items that might otherwise be thrown in a bin.

Cans and Old Curtains

The students used a variety of recyclable items including old curtain lining, cans, a broken mirror and old necklaces to create their magnificent creation.

Considerable amounts of time and patience went into the design with the help of their art teacher Pia Thornton and their metalwork teacher, Jacinta Buckley.

Working as a Reminder

The highly impressive creation is still working as a reminder to the people of the locality that we can all do a little bit more for the environment. It reminds us that things we throw away could be recycled and put to decorative or practical use in everyday life.


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