Health Promoting Schools Flag Awarded to Community College

Castleisland Community College students and teachers at the presentation of the Health Promoting Schools Flag on Monday. Front from left: Siobhán O’Donoghue, Gráinne Spillane, Darren Horan, Diarmuid McCarthy, Nathan Egan and Konrad Kloskowski. Second row: Michelle Foley, Health Promoting Officer; Ruairí Mannix, Ciara O’Shea, Celia McMahon, Emma Browne, Olga O’Sullivan, Micheál Moynihan, Micheál O’Shea, Seán O’Connell, Juanita Lovett, teacher and Rosarii O’Connor, chairperson, parents association. Back from left: Marie Moriarty, Mairéad Corridan and Teresa Lonergan, teachers; Rachel O’Connor, Adam Joy, Danny Crowley, Caoimhe McCarthy, Jordan Coffey, Alex O’Leary, Luke O’Donoghue, Jake Jones, Adam Cotter, Chloe Barrett, Bridget Sheehan and Noreen Barrett, teacher / pastoral care. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Castleisland Community College has been awarded a Health Promoting School Flag on the basis that there are many positive initiatives in the school to improve the health and fitness of all the students there.

Wellness Week

A wellness week has been run over the past two years where all aspects of well-being are featured and highlighted.

The college’s student council has been instrumental in the instillation of a water cooler which has encouraged the use of reusable water bottles and the consumption of water over fizzy drinks.

A Healthy Setting

“A Health Promoting School can be characterised as a school that is constantly strengthening its capacity as a healthy setting for living, learning and working – and that’s according to the World Health Organisation,” said teacher, Juanita Lovett.

Ms. Lovett is one of the teachers guiding the mindset at the college over the past couple of years.

It involves any activity undertaken that aims to promote and protect the health of everyone in the school community. The HPS aims to actively engage everyone through whole school consultation and involvement.

Increase Physical Activity

“There are four key objectives in realising a Health Promoting School ambition,” Ms. Lovett explained:

“ No.1 To promote and increase physical activity in the student body. The PE department is very active in promoting all aspects of physical health through the school curriculum and also partnership with various community facilities ie community centre, An Riocht, local sports clubs etc.

Awareness of Mental Health

No. 2 Raise awareness of Mental Health. A Wellness Week incorporating a range of classroom and lunchtime activities along with various visiting speakers has been an annual event.

Healthy Eating

3 Promote nutrition and increase knowledge of healthy eating.

With the collaboration of the student council research was undertaken to enhance the nutrition of school lunches, the provision of a water cooler to provide a healthy alternative to sugar drinks and the acquisition of a microwave so students can heat up their own home produces lunches.

Spiritual Health

4 Promote Spiritual Health: Castleisland Community College Student Council, with the financial support of the parents council, have also been instrumental in the creation of The Daisy Room – an area where students can relax and unwind when the need arises.”


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