Dramatic Judgement – Kerry Festival and Jerome Justified

Kerry Drama Festival adjudicator, Walker Ewart (left) pictured with Amateur Drama Council of Ireland Chairman Aidan Reidy and festival Director, Jerome Stack on the opening night of the 31st Kerry Drama Festival at the Ivy Leaf Art Centre in Castleisland in March. ©Photograph: John Reidy
What it means to win. Prosperous Dramatic Society shift into celebration mode after the announcement at the RTÉ All-Ireland Drama Finals in Athlone last week.

Kerry Drama Festival Director, Jerome Stack came home from the RTÉ All-Ireland Drama Finals in Athlone last week feeling justified at the outcome of the festival here last March.

In Athlone, the Co. Kildare based Prosperous Dramatic Society won the major accolades with their play Sylvia and Brideview Drama Group from Waterford came in as runners-up with Stolen Child.

RTÉ All-Ireland Drama Finals

“We may not have won the Eurovision, but Kerry Drama Festival can celebrate because the winners and runners up in the RTÉ All Ireland Drama Festival finals in Athlone finished in the same positions as they did in Castleisland last March,” said Jerome.

“This goes to show that we get the best quality shows in Castleisland each year,” he continued.

A Tremendous Boost

“This is a tremendous boost for the Kerry Drama Festival. Patrons who come to see the shows in the Ivy Leaf, each spring are guaranteed the best amateur drama productions in Ireland – on their own doorsteps.

“This result encourages us to strive for a ‘three-in-a-row’ for next March. So, we would like to urge our supporters to come out in great numbers next year as they may well see an All-Ireland winning performance on the Ivy Leaf stage,” Jerome concluded.

Individual Results

While he was in Athlone, Jerome also brought home the individual results from the event.

Best Director: Lurlene Duggan, Prosperous Dramatic Society; Best Actress, Ashleigh O’Neill, Prosperous Dramatic Society; Best Actor, Robery Massey, Prosperous Dramatic Society; Best Stage Setting, Prosperous Dramatic Society; Abbey Theatre Award, Prosperous Dramatic Society; Best Supporting Actor, Seán Ahern, Brideview Drama Group; Best Supporting Actress, Emer Peet, Brideview Drama Group; Best Stage Lighting, Brideview Drama Group.


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