Are you on for Street Feast 2018 ?

Cause for a street celebration: St John’s Park U-12 Soccer Team which became KDYS / Garda League Champions after they defeated Desmonds Avenue in the 2009 final which sparked a street party later on. Included are, front from left: Johnny Costello, Cian O’Connor, Jason Keane, Jamie Maunsell, Captain; Colin McCarthy, Man-of-the-Match and Cian O’Connor. Second row from left: Eamon Breen, Evan O’Brien, Darren Maunsell, Ethan O’Connor, Ryan Broderick, Seán Prendiville, Ethan Brosnan and Daniel Downey. Back from left: Robbie Fields, KDYS; Tom O’Sullivan, tournament referee; Peter Carty, team manager ; Louise Shanahan and Madeleine Frissung, KDYS and Sgt. John O’Mahony, tournament founder. ©Photograph: John Reidy 15-7-2009
Ryan Broderick in party mood during the KDYS / Garda League victory celebrations in St. John’s Park in September 2009. ©Photograph: John Reidy 19/09/2009
Darren Maunsell enjoying the St. John’s Park victory party away back in September 2009. ©Photograph: John Reidy

When I got the press release below from Kerry County Council during the week it reminded me of a great evening of celebrations organised by the community of my neighbours in St. John’s Park in September 2009.

We celebrated the wonderful feat by our U-12 soccer team in winning that summer’s KDYS / Garda League.

For one reason or another – and mostly weather – we didn’t get a chance to celebrate it properly until the middle of September.

Tiredness Descended

At the end of a great evening, the young heroes of the hour retired as darkness fell and tiredness descended. Then, the brave and the bould headed down to Sheila Prendiville’s Bar and Grocery to round off the lovely occasion in earnest.

Kerry County Council is urging us all to get involved in something similar on a date next month. Have a look.

The Community Department of Kerry County Council and the Kerry Public Participation Network (PPN) are delighted to support Street Feast – the nationwide day of street parties, community celebrations and neighbourhood lunches.

The event is taking place on streets and in communities across the country on Sunday, June 10th. 2018.

A Simple Idea

“It’s a simple idea,” according to a note from Kerry County Council spokesman, Eoin O’Shea.

“Street Feasts can be held anywhere – on the pavement, in a laneway or a local park, but it’s really just a great excuse to eat great food, celebrate your local community and meet new people who live near you.

“They can be any size, from two to 2,000 people. Everyone is invited to bring something to contribute, be it a tasty dish, some chairs or a musical instrument.

Grown Steadily

“Established in 2010, Street Feast has grown steadily year on year with over 1,300 events held nationwide in 2017 and over 120,000 people taking part.

“The initiative aims to build and strengthen communities through sharing of food and conversation, culture and knowledge.

“Facilitating social inclusion, multiculturalism and diversity in an age-friendly, all-inclusive environment, Street Feast creates more resilient, safer and healthier communities.

Register On-Line

Those interested in celebrating Street Feast should register online at They will be provided with free DIY packs with decorations, invites, posters and flyers and other supports.  You can also contact the Community Department of Kerry County Council on 066 71 83672.


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