Tidy Towns Volunteer Appeals for Action from Main Street Premises

The disruption caused by the ongoing Irish Water pipe replacement works in Castleisland will be taken into consideration by the Tidy Towns adjudicators this month. ©Photograph: John Reidy

A request from a hard working Tidy Towns volunteer who is frustrated at the lack of co-operation from some premises owners on Main Street here in Castleisland.

What’s bothering this volunteer is that some people are just not bothering to keep their buildings and in front of them clean and litter free.

Litter and Weed Free

The volunteer asked that an appeal would be posted here for people to come out and make the effort to sweep, clean and keep the area in front of their premises litter and weed free.

This appeal, she stresses, is not coming from the committee itself but from someone who volunteers her time and efforts. She now understands the attitudes of the very few which the long serving volunteers have had to grin and bear over the years.

Plea for Action

The volunteer’s plea for action has been taken up by the committee and group spokesperson Mary Walsh revealed that they have tried every method of getting through to people but for the few this falls on deaf ears year after year.

“The upshot is that Tidy Towns volunteers have to come along at night and do an amount of manual labour that could be avoided if everyone did their bit. Tidy Towns is all about community and for the benefit of the community especially the business sector so we are appealing to all involved to make the effort.

Judging Season is Here

“We are now in judging season as it always begins on June 1st and despite rumours and counter rumours of people being seen with clipboards etc we have yet to see a judge in the town.

“The judge has been made aware of the work being carried out by Irish Water in the town and this will be taken into consideration on judging day.

No Consessions For Litter

“However, there are no concessions for litter and untidiness. We hope to get enough points this year to push us over the 300 mark.

“Although we may not have the clout of other towns in the county we are happy to plod our way to the top but only with the whole town behind us,” said Mary.


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