Day Centre Knitting Bound for Belarus

The team behind the knitwear includes from left: Mary Tangney, Peggy McCarthy, Mary McAuliffe, Mary O’Connell, John Gorman, Patrick O’Shea, Mary Murphy, Mary O’Connor, Anne Wolff, Peg Kerins, Kathleen Curtin, Peg Hogan, Joan Fitzgerald, Ann Daly and Sarah Kingston.

Ladies at Castleisland Day Care Centre have been busily knitting over the past few months.

All the items which include over 40 knitted blankets, baby wear and knitted toys will be donated to orphanages in Belarus, where the knitted products will make a huge difference.

February to May Knitting

“Knitting is an activity which we look forward to at the beginning of every year,” according to Nurse Manager Marcella Finn – as she explained how the project came about.

“We usually start the knitting project during February and work through until the beginning of May.

Work and Goodwill

“Every year it astonishes us the amount of work and goodwill which goes towards this project.

“We are always delighted when we see all our hard work being packed and taken by the Hanafin family of Ballymacelligott, where they ensure that is it given directly to the people that are most in need.

Thanks to All

“Castleisland Day Care Centre would like to thank everyone who took part, either by generously giving their time by knitting or by donation knitting wool. Let’s hope that all our knitted items will be well used in Belarus,” said Marcella.


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