Irish Water: Do as we Say, Not as we Do !

An Irish Water van from the Limerick City and County area in a car wash in Newcastle West yesterday afternoon.

We are now well into the serious business side of the fine weather most of us have been enjoying and Irish Water issues are looming larger on our newscasts by the day.

However, elements of Irish Water are acting a bit like a former Taoiseach who, brazenly, told us all to tighten our belts while he was doing nothing of the sort.

Keen Eyed Reader

A keen eyed readed of The Maine Valley Post spotted an Irish Water van in a car/vehicle wash in Newcastle West yesterday afternoon and phone to hand snapped the picture here on the page.

The extremely harsh weather conditions is providing a great opportunity for local historians around the country as the print of old foundations, roadways and pathways are reappearing on the surfaces of fields and parks.

Prevailing Conditions

The serious side of the fine weather will also be felt into the winter if farmers can’t irrigate crops adequately and animals are also clearly suffering from the drought conditions now prevailing.

Even if Irish Water staff members lapse from time to time it’s vital that we do as they say and not as they do.

The following is a rundown on measures that will hopefully get us all through this wonderful period of weather.

Dancing in the Rain

It may be a first in Ireland, but I can see people dancing in the rain when the opening burst will fall on the welcoming fields and lawns and rivers. And people won’t be looking over their shoulder as they throw a few drops into hanging baskets or neighbouring dogs and cats.

Conserve Water Tips from Irish Water

Making small changes can make a big difference to saving water during this prolonged dry spell.  Every effort you make at home or at work will help

As the warm weather continues, the demands on water supplies is outstripping supply across the country. Irish Water’s priority is to minimise the impact on homes and businesses, particularly during this period of holidays and high tourism.

We are asking the public to please conserve water wherever possible to avoid putting more supplies at risk. Every small thing you do to save water in your home and business will benefit your community.

Here are some simple things that you can do as part of your daily routine at home help conserve water.

Water Shortages Monitored

We continually assess and monitor water supplies nationwide. Occasionally, due to low supplies, we have had to issue water shortage notices to some of our customers. These notices ask you to help us conserve and reduce demand on your water supply.

2018 has seen unprecedented dry spells which Met Éireann has compared to 1976 when drought conditions were experienced across the country. The hot weather means we are seeing a massive increase in water usage across the country and demand has now risen to critical levels. We are assessing and monitoring water supplies nationwide on a daily basis

Why Water Shortages Happen

We need regular rainfall throughout the year, especially during winter, to build up our water supplies. Water shortages are also caused by leaks, old pipes and poor infrastructure.

Pressure on Water Supplies

A short spell of dry weather doesn’t cause drought or shortages. Ireland has experienced low rainfall over the past 6 – 9 months. Last winter was very dry compared to other years. There is now less raw water available to treat and supply. This is putting pressure on water supplies in some areas.

For more water saving tips you can go to the Irish Water website with a click on the link here:


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