Working from Home with Amazon – Is IT For You ?

Working from home will appeal those who can comply with the strict, temporary contract terms. ©Photograph: John Reidy

While the world and her husband are gushing about Amazon’s announcement that they’re looking for thousands of home-based workers world wide, there are those warning that signing up is tantamount to soul selling.

For anyone wishing to get involved with the giant multinational company, an online application / interview process and a fairly rigorous process needs to be negotiated.

No Small Print

There is no small print involved here as the company makes it clear that successful candidates may well have to work through busy periods like Christmas and St. Stephen’s Day and New Year’s Day and other times of peak consumerism.

There are people who will be absolutely suitable for this kind of work and who will love the notion of working from home while being part of a global team. If this is for you, then read on:

A Passion for Helping

Would you like to work from home as part of a world-renowned organization?

Unable to commit to a full-time role all year round but want to gain valuable experience at a large multinational organization? Have a passion for helping customers but wish to do so from the comfort of your own home without the hassle of commuting? Then keep reading because we have the role for you!

Great Communication Skills

Staffline is looking for candidates with great communication skills, who are comfortable talking to people via phone, email or chat, with a passion for customer service and self-development to join Amazon’s virtual customer service network. The exact same role as if you worked in one of our contact centres but with one great benefit – no commute!

In addition, you will be part of a virtual team consisting of over 60 Customer Service Associates based in over 20 towns and cities across UK and Ireland!

Six Weeks of Training

You will receive 6 weeks of online training, either trainer-led or group-based, which will allow you to meet your new team virtually and learn together on how to offer the best customer service experience.

As a Customer Services Part Time Flex Associate, you will:

Work 40 hours per week for 6 weeks. After this, you will switch to the part-time model of 20 hours per week.

Work a flexible shift pattern based on a minimum of 20 hours as a normal working week. Have the ability to flex your schedule to meet the needs of Amazon’s customers.

Overtime Available

If contacts are busier than planned and overtime is available, you can volunteer to work additional hours o If it’s a quieter period and want additional time off, you can volunteer to reduce your hours Evenings and weekends are critical times for Amazon so if you have a preference for those types of shifts, or for working split shifts we can accommodate that!

In July and during the Christmas period, mid Nov to late December, please note these dates may be subject to change based on customer demand, Amazon experiences an increase in customer requirements.

Commit to 40 HPW

During this time, you will be required to commit to working 40 hours per week.

Part time (20 hour) schedules will have shifts typically between 6am to 12pm and 5pm to 10pm Monday to Friday and anytime within 6am to 10pm at weekends

During peak periods, 40 hour schedules will include shifts within the hours of 6am to 10pm Sunday to Saturday

Requirements: Minimum broadband connection of 10MB download speed and 5MB upload speed (evidence of speed tests will need to be provided at recruitment stages)

Free from Distraction

A dedicated workstation, free from distraction and ergonomically appropriate, for home working.

To be a successful Virtual Customer Service Associate at Amazon, you’ll need to have the following skills and attributes:

Fluent English with excellent communication skills, both written and verbal  Excellent typing and phone skills

Ability to Empathise

Ability to navigate the Internet, multiple browsers, email, and Instant Messenger tools. High flexibility during Amazon’s busiest periods. Ability to empathise with and prioritise customer needs

Exude patience and ownership with each customer. Ability to determine customer needs and provide appropriate solutions, setting expectations with customers.Ability to deal with ambiguity and make sound judgements on behalf of Amazons customers. Technically savvy with an ability to diagnose basic connectivity problems.

Customer Requirements

Please note that, in order to meet Amazon’s customer requirements, you must be willing to work over Christmas, at weekends and public holidays. This may be inclusive of Christmas Day, St. Stephen’s Day and New Year’s Day and annual leave may not be taken in November and December, unless there are exceptional circumstances. In addition, you must be able to commit to full attendance during a six week training period.

A Temporary Contract

The start dates for this position will be discussed with you on application – you must be available to start on that date and no holidays can be taken over the initial six weeks. This vacancy is for a temporary contract with Staffline.

There may be opportunities for permanent employment with Amazon, depending on Amazon’s resourcing requirements.

If this flexible, part time virtual role sounds like it’s for you, then click on the link below to start the application process, you will need to complete an online assessment which takes 35-45mins and must be done on a laptop or desktop – not a mobile or tablet. g=en_GB


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