2019 Captains Bertha and Eamon Drive-in In Driving Rain

Castleisland Members’ Golf Club President, Patsy Sweeney (centre) pictured with his just elected 2019 captains: Bertha O’Sullivan and Eamon Feeley. Photograph: John Morris / JDM Photography.
Good crowd – Bad morning. Club President Patsy Sweeney (front left) with 2019 captains, Bertha O’Sullivan and Eamon Feeley and club members before their ceremonial drive-in on Sunday morning. Photograph: John Morris / JDM Photography.

There was a fine turnout in Tulligubeen in spite of the dreadful weather conditions which prevailed throughout Sunday and the duration of the Castleisland Members’ Golf Club 2019 Captains’ Drive-in.

The new captains are: Bertha O’Sullivan and Eamon Feeley and after the ceremonial drives and, photographs were done with, the business of the day got underway out on the course.

Bertha’s Goals

There was no promise or improvement as the day wore on and the unprepared got drenched to the skin.

At the outset of her year as club captain, Bertha’s goal is to keep the club going and growing and to get more players, both female and male playing.

“I’d like to see the ‘Give Golf a Go’ initiative developed in the course of the year as I think it was one of the most positive developments in 2018,” said Bertha.

Local Club Loyalty

“I would also like to encourage an element of local loyalty towards the club. It took so long to get it here and it can’t be taken for granted that others will keep it going. It’s on that basis I’d appeal to lapsed and past members to consider coming back to the club and getting involved.

Encouragement and Friendship

“Speaking for the women’s club, I can say for sure that anyone who joined over the last couple of years found lots of encouragement and friendship here and I don’t know of anyone who regretted joining,” said Bertha as she looks forward to a year of activity.

Eamon’s Year of Captaincy

Eamon Feeley’s year of captaincy will be one of ‘try it and see’ in that he has received suggestions from club members already which he feels are worth a try.

A democrat to the core, Eamon is holding some of these suggestions in store until he and Bertha get a chance to discuss them in detail.

One of the suggestions is that a members’ only competition could be held on the monthly basis and over the old course.

An Experimental Basis

“Some of the members said they would like to try this out on an experimental basis and I’m glad to go along with that and we’ll see how it goes.

“There is also merit in other suggestions to have some of the big competitions on Saturdays when people can mix and have a drink or two afterwards and be collected. People are now far too worried about the Sunday night Monday morning drink driving laws – and that too might well work.

“There are other ideas but I’d like to discuss them with my fellow captain before we go further with them,” said Eamon.

Latest on the List

Bertha and Eamonn are the latest in a line of captains at the Castleisland club since it was founded in 2002. The list is as follows:

The captains’ roll of honour at the club since its foundation in 2002

2002: Breda Geaney, Martin O’Donoghue.

2003: Breda Geaney, Martin O’Donoghue.

2004: Babs Kelliher, Dano Dennehy.

2005: Ann Stuart, Sean Brandon.

2006: Liz O’Connor, Eamonn O’Connor.

2007: Nancy Fleming, Seamus O’Neill.

2008: Leila Moloney, Ned O’Callaghan.  

2009: Máire Geaney, John Geaney.

2010: Margaret Sheehan, Dan Nelligan.

2011: Mary Shanahan, Ben Foley.

2012: Maria O’Connor, Con Murphy.

2013: Liz Galwey, Sean Turner.

2014: Margaret Moloney, John O’Connell.

2015: Catherine Horan, Domhnall De Barra.

2016: Marian O’Connor, John Manton,

2017: Catherine Walsh, Jonathan Kelliher.

2018: Maryann Downes, Denis O’Sullivan.

2019: Bertha O’Sullivan, Eamonn Feeley.

Competition Results

2019 Captains’ Drive In Mixed Scramble:

1st.: Jonathon Kelliher, William O’Sullivan, Declan Murphy and Annette Galvin.

2nd.: Tone Brosnan, Jim Crowley, Laurence Kelly and Mary O’Sullivan.

3rd.: Niall Gilroy, Sean O’Connell, Brendan Keenan and Stephen Crookes.

Seniors Competition Results

1st.: Willie Galvin, 25points; 2nd.: Des Byrne, 24points and 3rd.: Mike O’Connor, 24 points.

Mixed Scramble Results

1st Mary Scanlon, Paul Geaney, Willie Galvin.

2nd Dave Geaney, Eamonn Feeley, Mary O’Sullivan.

Thanks to Mairéad Guirey for the list of results.

For more about Castleisland Members Golf Club just click on the link here: https://www.facebook.com/castleislandgolfclub/

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