Maggie’s is the Face Behind Mitchel’s Sports Injury Clinic

Currow native and sports mad, Maggie O’Sullivan in her place of work at John Mitchel’s GAA Club headquarters in Ballyseedy, Tralee. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Currow native, Maggie O’Sullivan is a the face behind the Neuromuscular Therapy and Sports Injury Clinic in John Mitchel’s GAA Club Complex in Ballyseedy, Tralee

Maggie studied to a BSc level in Health and Leisure with Massage in IT Tralee before advancing to a Diploma in Neuromuscular Therapy in Limerick.

Facing Challenges

“In the short time since I qualified as an Neuromuscular Therapist I have had to face some difficult challenges regarding sports injuries.

I have always managed to come out the right end by striving for and achieving the goals that I and the patients have set for themselves,” said Maggie.

Satisfying and Rewarding

“I find the work very satisfying and rewarding no matter how big or small the problem is. Every situation you’re faced with is different and has to be treated with a new approach and I firmly believe in having an optimistic outlook.

“People being told to stop everything they’re doing because they have an injury ! Have you ever asked WHY?

Rehabilitation Programs

“When you think about it why would you want to stop your muscles from doing the work they’ve become used to.

“Rehabilitation programs that keep you moving are what you need and not to be resting for a week. Optimism is key here – Can’t run! Walk. Can’t walk! Cycle – or use a stationary bike.

“The clinic caters for the treatment of musculoskeletal and sports related injuries and you will get the answers to the following questions: What’s wrong with me? How long will it take? What can you (the therapist) do to help me? What can I (the patient) do to help myself?

Sports Enthusiast

Being from the sports mad and proven area of Currow, Maggie is a self confessed sports enthusiast and whatever sport presents itself she’s in.

She plays Gaelic football and basketball with Currow and camogie with Tralee Parnells.

“I love helping people by relieving pain and over-coming the chronic pain and injuries people may experience,”

Maggie has worked with many football and hurling clubs in Kerry as a physical therapist and in pitch side-line first aid.

New Zealand Oddessy

During her travels to New Zealand in 2017 she was based in Christchurch in South Island.

“The experience was amazing and it was great to get involved in such a huge sports culture especially rugby.

“While there I worked in a ‘BroadSpectrum’ call centre – a company which was involved in installing internet around New Zealand and I played football with Christchurch McKenna’s and also did physical therapy with football and hurling clubs there.”

Services Offered

Maggie offers the following services: Neuromuscular Therapy; Physical Therapy; Orthopedic Sports Massage; Event Massage; Taping & Strapping; Pitch Side Line and First Aid; Functional Movement Screening; Rehabilitation Programs and Conditioning.

Maggie O’Sullivan can be contacted on 085 84 68 590.

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