Appeal for Information on Daylight Robbery in Castleisland

Cllr. Bobby O’Connell is appealing to the community in Castleisland for information on the sinister crime perpetrated on a vulnerable local man on Monday evening, Photographs: John Reidy

The team of heartless scam artists who approached a local man and conned him out of a small sum of money in broad daylight here in Castleisland on Monday evening deserve to be caught and punished – that’s according to Cllr. Bobby O’Connell.

Cllr. O’Connell also said that the community here has a role to play in passing on any information it has on the culprits to the local Garda station.

Three men in a black car approached the man, who is described as being vulnerable, and told him he’d have to pay a €200 fine as his dog had soiled the footpath earlier.

Feared He’d Lose his Dog

This wasn’t the case and the man feared his dog would be taken from him and he gave the criminals what he had in the house – which fell well short of the ‘fine’ they imposed.

This was a cold and calculated act on a vulnerable, local man and it took local knowledge to carry it out – and it was also done in broad daylight. If they’re doing that kind of thing in town in daylight can you imagine what they’re up to around the countryside,” said Cllr. O’Connell.

CCTV Camera Footage

When Gardaí were investigating a serious crime here in Castleisland in recent times they were surprised at the amount of CCTV footage they received from several parts of the town,” said Cllr. O’Connell.

This incident on Monday evening happened in the top-of-the-town area around where Ahern’s former lorry garage was.

There is bound to be footage of the incident and if there is it should be brought to the attention of the local Garda station.

Information Appeal

A spokesman at Castleisland Garda Station said that any information would be of help with the investigation.

This was a serious incident carried out in daylight and we are appealing for anyone who saw anything in that area of the top of the town to give us a ring here or drop in and talk to us.

Someone is bound to have seen something and we’d like to hear from them,” said the spokesman.

Castleisland Garda Station contact is: 066 71 41204 or the Garda Confidential Line is: 1800 666 111