Podcast: Mag Recalls Heart Transplant On Donors’ Memorial Day

Good Luck Mag: The Irish Air Corps Helicopter taking off from The Crageens with Mag Mitchell on board just after 4-15pm on Monday afternoon to cheers and tears and waves from locals. And recently doing a bit of weeding at the community garden.  ©Photographs: John Reidy 29-4-2014.


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The helicopter which took Margaret ‘Mag’ Mitchell to Dublin on the Tuesday afternoon of April 29th 2014 left the sod of The Crageens with cheers and tears and waves and wishes. 

As the chopper lifted, the still gathering crowd shouted and waved its wishes after word of its mission got out.

Tears of Hope and Joy

Tears of hope and joy for its main occupant flowed freely and unashamedly as the big bird turned into the freshening south westerly breeze and went up, up and away. And there was Margaret Mitchell – Gone With the Wind.

The popular, local woman was heading to the Mater Hospital for a heart transplant after getting the all-important, urgent call just a short two hours before.

Mag had her operation the following day and everything went well and immediate reports that she was fine were greeted with delight in Castleisland.

Memorial Service for Donors

Now nearly five and a half years on she was back in the Mater Hospital on Thursday last for a memorial service for all donors and a celebration of life for those who were lucky enough to get that life-changing second chance.

On the day the helicopter lifted her off the sod at The Crageens someone in the watching crowd wished her well and described her a neighbour with a heart of gold.

Healthy Heart of Gold

Now she’s still a great neighbour but with a healthy heart of gold.

Mag and myself sat down and talked about her experiences one morning recently and you can hear the result with a click on the link above.