The Dog Show is in Town Today

Edmond Burke with his daughter, Laura and Cian Ring putting up direction signs at Upper Main Street for today’s Tralee and District Canine Club Show at An Ríocht AC. ©Photograph: John Reidy

It happens quietly every year without advertising, fuss or horn-blowing. And if you noticed that Castleisland’s fine Main Street was turned into a dog-walk last evening and night you might just also know that the ‘dog show’ is back in town.

Covered in Tents

You still have time to catch some action as the track and grounds at An Ríocht AC are covered in tents and the paraphernalia which are all part of this world – impenetrable to all but the initiated.

We all understand what it is to love a dog and we know how a family dog and its well-being is as important as any other member of the family.

All Happening Now

However, this is taking it well beyond the call of duty as the handlers of these show dogs are almost slaves to the whims of their pets and exhibits

It’s all happening at An Ríocht AC right now – if you’d like to have and look and wonder.

Entry from Russia

There are dogs from all over Europe and, apparently, there’s an entry from one of the Soviet states here today.

It has become a firm favourite here as locals watch and drool and fall in love with the highly groomed and prized entrants and the long list of categories.

To locals it’s simply ‘The Dog Show’ but its official title is ‘The Tralee and District Canine Club Show.’

Fair play to Maudie and Ned Burke and their team of organisers for what they do.