Deep Saddness at Loss of Young Life in Castleisland Road Traffic Accident

Communities in the Castleisland and Brosna areas and the families involved have been left in deep sadness and shock as the news of the loss of a young life filters through from the road traffic accident near Glounsharoon.
Emergency services were alerted to the accident and were at the scene at around 8am this morning as work going traffic began to build up on the road between Headley’s Bridge and Castleisland.
The road there will be closed for most of the day as Garda investigations into the accident are conducted.
The usual signposted diversions are in place to and from Meenleitrim and Headley’s Bridge.

The signposts at this area are a regular occurrence as it’s well known for serious traffic collisions and some with memorable and equally tragic consequences.

Local Gardaí are appealing for witnesses to the accident as the road was busy at that time of the morning.

They are hoping that some motorists would have dash cam footage of the accident which would help them with their investigations.

May God comfort the bereaved families.

Castleisland Garda Station can be contacted on 066 71 41204