Castleisland Camera Club Feature No. 13 – Fiona Hickey

In the 13th and last of our featured photographers from Castleisland Camera Club we publish the work of Fiona Hickey.

Fiona joined Castleisland Camera Club in October 2017.

She joined because she had a real interest in taking photographs and wanted to learn more about this fascinating hobby or occupation.

The following is Fiona’s account of her relationship with the club, its activities and membership:
“The benefits of joining the club is in meeting people who have the same interest, people from all different walks of life, to learn from each other as everyone is good at different things and everyone is very willing to offer help and advice.

It’s great being part of a club. It’s a great interest and a positive focus in my life. I learn and improve from every outing which is pushing me on to be better and improve.
“My favourite type of photography is landscape / scenery.
“What I would hope to achieve is to become a better photographer. I’m already starting to look at the world differently like my eye is a lens.

I’d like to continue to improve and grow as photographer.

I’ve already seen parts of the county and country that I’m shamed to say I’ve never seen until I went to photograph them.

I’m enjoying the journey of learning and of friendships being made along the way,” said Fiona.

Exhibition and Sale Time

And now it’s time for the club’s annual exhibition and sale of work here in Castleisland tonight, Saturday, November 30th at the Ivy Leaf Art Centre from 8pm and the doors open at 7pm.

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