With Time on Our Hands….

Alarming: Do not be alarmed as it’s just time to put the hands of our clocks forward by one hour at 1am tomorrow morning – or before you nod off tonight. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Now that we have time on our hands there is something we can all do together tonight and at the very same time – if we like.

We can wind the clock forward by an hour and right into summer time – summer time as far as the clocks are concerned at least.

The very act of putting the clock forward gives us longer evenings to long for a return of the lost days when we could lunge for the things we longed for.

We’re supposed to do this around 1am tomorrow morning but if you’re inclined to doze off earlier you can do it before your head hits whatever you’ll have under it at the time.

Let’s hope the lost hour delivers the promise we’ve been conditioned to expect of it and our vision of summer-time and the easy living in these hard times.