HSE Video Supports to Help Families Cope With Covid-19

Click on the screen image of Ella Lovett, Principal Psychologist, Specialist in Child and Adolescent Mental Health to see the video from the HSE.

Five More Ways Over Five Days is the second series of videos which Cork Kerry Community Healthcare is releasing this week to help individuals and their families cope with the impact of Covid-19.

Each day, a new video will be issued where Daniel Flynn , principal psychology manager interviews colleagues who will share their advice and expertise on how to support different people in our families and communities at this time.

Impact On Society

“As we continue to follow national public health guidance we are aware that the measures are having a significant psychological impact on all parts of society,” said Mr. Flynn.

“It can be particularly challenging for young people who are isolated from school friends and normal routines, and equally challenging for the other end of the age spectrum with older persons having to cocoon.

Good and Effective Parent

Those in between have the worry of how to be both a good and effective parent and a supportive son or daughter to an older person that you cannot physically have contact with.

It is an incredibly strange and stressful time for all, and even more so for families whose loved one has an intellectual disability which impacts their ability to fully understand or comply with the guidelines we need to follow to stay safe and well.

Short Daily Videos

“Over the next five days, we will offer short daily videos online to help you in responding more effectively with psychological impact of Covid-19.

The hope is that at the end of the week people will build on their skills from the first series but this time considering the needs of others in their environments.”

Key populations to understand and support are:

On Social Media Daily

The links to each video will be issued on social media each day and can be watched on YouTube – just search for Cork Kerry Community Healthcare on YouTube.

There are also resource sheets with additional skills and tips available on the HSE web site at: https://www.hse.ie/eng/services/list/2/primarycare/childrenfirst/resources/