Search on War of Independence Memorabilia in Brosna

Here’s a call to anyone with medals, mementos, or printed materials relating to the War of Independence.

Anyone who has that kind of material is being asked to contact either Jerry Leahy on 087 41 34 929 or George Daly on 086 81 16 279.

A DVD is being created that will bring together the many stories from this parish of that pivotal time in our history.

Bottle Banks, Go Cleanly, Go Quietly

Could everyone using the wonderful amenity of the recycling banks be sure to place all disposables into the correct bins.

Please do not deposit any other waste materials around that general area.

Also due to the sensitive location of these recycling bins, users are being asked to be mindful that visitors to the cemetery will be glad if we can go about our recycling business as quietly as possible.