Deferred ‘Call of the Wild’ on RTÉ One This Morning at 10:35am

Farranfore based film-makers. David and James Pembroke and presenter, Vincent Hyland. The first of five parts of their Call of the Wild documentary – which was deferred last week – will be screened by RTÉ One on this Saturday morning at 10:35am.

In 2015 a documentary team, led by Dublin native and one time Scartaglin resident, Vincent Hyland, filmed the series Call of the Wild.

The five-part series was due to begin its run on RTÉ One on Saturday morning last at 10:35am.

However, due to the evolving news of the government formation on that day, the opening programme was deferred to this morning.

The series includes a close up look at the curse of plastics on marine life and coastal habitats and communities.

James and David Pembroke

Written, presented with underwater imaging by Vincent Hyland and filming, post production and produced by Farranfore father and son team of James and David Pembroke.

In this unique nature series field naturalist and photojournalist Vincent Hyland takes the viewer on a magical flora and fauna voyage across land and sea as he gives a voice to all creatures great and small and the many hazards threatening their habitats.

Human Encroachment and Intervention

“In the series we look at the wildlife of Ireland and how human encroachment and intervention into their world impact on them.

In the course of a telephone chat last week, I discovered that Vincent Hyland was a resident of Scartaglin for a while.

It’s on RTÉ One at 10:35am this morning.

See last week’s programme preview with a click on the link here: