Pa Daly Slams Government for Being ‘Asleep on the Job’

Sinn Féin TD for Kerry, Pa Daly, said this week has been a nightmare for workers, mothers, students and their families.
“While we do, as Minster Foley said, live in extraordinary circumstances, we had an opportunity to achieve something extraordinary such as enhancing employee rights and standing up for mothers and their families,” said Teachta Daly.

“I am also hearing from distressed parents concerning third level student accommodation.

Demands for Full Payment

“Providers are refusing to take into account lower costs due to reduced attendance and are making demands for full payment by mid-August.  This is compounded by the Department of Education’s announcement that Leaving Cert results are delayed until mid-September.

“The ministers for education and higher education have rejected requests for help, stating accommodation is an agreement between the tenant and landlord.

100 Days of Protest

“Debenhams workers are heading into 100 days of protest for rights that should have been theirs.  “With Covid-19 placing more workers across the country at risk of the same treatment, it was particularly galling to see government vote against the motion for employment rights this week.

“To cap it all, the government voted against Sinn Féin’s motion to extend maternity leave in circumstances where there is huge uncertainty over childcare where mothers are unable to return to work,” said Teachta Daly in conclusion.