Pres Castleisland Takes Part in All Ireland Maths Week Celebration

Áine Broderick (left) was the Presentation Castleisland Maths Week Ireland Countdown second year winner. And Oliwia Gruszka of first year taking the Line Challenge.

Maths Week Ireland is an all-Ireland celebration of mathematics which promotes awareness, appreciation and understanding of the subject through a variety of activities.

Maths Week took place in Presentation Castleisland from October 12th to 16th this year.

The maths department at the school endeavours to improve students attitudes to the subject and consequently improve and develop their mathematical skills.

Identify and Link Numeracy

We try to ensure our students are able to identify and link numeracy across the curriculum.

While Covid-19 has restricted many activities and routine, it did not stop the Presentation Castleisland students from embracing the fun and challenges enjoyed in maths Week.

This year fifth year students organised the school’s annual, whole school countdown competition.

Randomly Generated Total

Countdown is a numbers game where players have to combine six selected numbers using the four arithmetic operators to get as close as possible to a randomly generated total.

The competition found both teachers and students competing for the daily prize with great enthusiasm and fun, while at the same time sub conscientiously improving numeric skills.

The Countdown competition brought a sense of familiarity and a sense of normality to the school in these unsettling times that we currently find ourselves in.

Enhanced School Spirit

In Presentation Castleisland the school spirit was enhanced as students participated in a variety of maths activities which included problem solving puzzles, numeric crosswords, sudoku, and competitions.

Presentation always empowers our maths students to develop skills in thinking higher cognitively and trains them to solve independently while enjoying the process.

The week raised the profile of mathematics within the school and no matter what age, background, ability one is, the week showed that maths can be useful, enriching and fun.

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