Moloney’s Traditional Halloween Barm Brack on the Shelves Now

Moloney’s Cake Shop, 102 Upper Main Street, Castleisland is open from Wednesdays to Saturdays inclusive from 8:30am to 4pm daily.

‘Hello everyone, We hope you are all keeping safe. Just to let you know we are happy to say WE ARE OPEN.

So Come On In or order online or phone us on the number below. Our special Halloween Barm Bracks are on the shelves now.

You can order all your cakes and mince pies for Christmas from today on 066 71 41636. Stay Safe and God Bless.’

That’s a message from Castleisland’s longest established bakery, Moloney’s Cake Shop at No. 102 Upper Main Street.

While still working under a restriction imposed four-day week, the shop and bakery are open from Wednesday to Saturday inclusive from 8:30am to 4pm

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time the feast of Halloween was a celebration of the year’s harvest and it centered around food of various kinds.

Central to this was the Barm Brack – a loaf with a very traditional recipe incorporating symbols of hope, romance, wealth and even of death itself.

Cutting of the Brack

The official cutting of the brack was a greatly anticipated family occasion. Rings, match sticks, three-penny or six-penny bits were all in there with some wrapped in grease-proof or butter-paper.

Not to mention the inclusion of fists of fruit and the novelty of the ‘sweet cake’ at a time of year when it was most appreciated.

Hands in the Pockets Rule

Apples hung on a string from a hook in the ceiling would be snapped at and attempted bites made with a no-hands rule and these had to be placed behind your back or firmly in your pockets.

This was to avoid temptation as the apple rolled frustratingly from side to side around your face and head to howls of laughter from the lookers on.

Four Generations – 90 Years Tradition

From the depths of that cherished tradition, Moloney’s Cake Shop has not only survived but thrived through all the crises and are still making the Barm brack as they have been for all of their four generations and 90 years of existence and industry at No.102 Upper Main Street, Castleisland.

Great Customer Relationships

“We have build up a great relationship with people of all ages throughout this and neighbouring parishes through our involvement in the big occasions in so many people’s lives through providing special cakes for anniversaries, births and birthdays, retirements, weddings and all special occasions,” said third generation family member, Margaret Moloney.

Bakery Added to Shop in Late 1950s

“Our parents, Nancy and Jerry stepped the business up quite a bit in the late 1950s when they built on a bakery to the back of the shop and the main produce at that time would have been bread, tarts and cheese cakes.

“Nowadays we make seven different types of bread here to satisfy the demands of our customers along with the traditional tarts and fresh cream cakes and a variety of buns spanning at least a baker’s dozen.

The Irish for Barm brack is bairín breac or speckled bread. How do you eat yours?

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