Good News: Dad’s Update on His Only Child and Beautiful Daughter’s Recovery

Titus and Annamaria Hara’s ‘beautiful and bright daughter’ Diana who has been through a really tough year since becoming a victim of a hit and run accident while studying in Romania this time last year.

Around this time last year a heart-rending appeal from the father of a young woman who was the victim of a hit and run driver in Romania hit the news locally.

Titus and Annamaria Hara’s daughter Diana had been through the primary and secondary school system in Castleisland before going on to study psychology at the University of Limerick for four years.

Then in early 2020 she was completing her Masters in Psychology in Romania when she became a victim of an accident while crossing the road on her way home from college and this resulted in complete memory loss and internal injuries at the time.

Physio And Full-Time Care

Doctors in Romania believed that Diana would need at least 12 months of rehabilitation in the hope of recovering part of her memory and she would also need continuous physio and full-time care.

Launching a GoFundMe initiative 12 months ago for his only child and beautiful daughter, Titus described the heartbreaking situation his family found themselves in.

Beautiful Bright Daughter Diana

“Our beautiful bright daughter Diana studied psychology in the University of Limerick for four years.

“She was currently completing her Masters in Psychology studies in Romania, when she was a victim of a ‘hit and run’ while crossing the road on her way home from college.

“Our lives have been shattered. Our only child Diana has suffered complete memory loss and internal injuries,” he said.

Support from Divanes Castleisland

Titus Hara’s employers and colleagues at Divanes Castleisland gathered around the family and had planned a Saturday morning fundraising car wash and coffee morning on March 21st. 2020.

“Everyone at Divanes is getting behind Titus and his wife Annamaria to help fund-raise to ensure Diana’s full recovery. Titus is a member of our workshop team and has been for many years. But then global events overtook the plans and they had to be postponed.”

Even so, the GoFundMe page was launched and, almost 12 months on, it has reached €14,360 of a targetted €30,000 and donations are still being made today.

Dad’s Update on Daughter’s Progress

“It has been a little over a year since Diana’s tragic accident and I would like to inform you all that she is doing better and well on her way to recovery,” said Titus on an update on his ‘beautiful bright daughter’ Diana’s progress.

A Very Hard Year

“It was a very hard year, with many things to sort out to be able to maximize Diana’s recovery as much as possible while undergoing a global pandemic which also served as another obstacle. Despite this, we persevered and Diana worked hard and was ever optimistic in her ability to heal and recover.

As soon as it was allowed, Diana underwent a two week recovery at a special clinic and is hoping to be able to undergo another bout of treatment at the start of next year.

Treatment – A World of Good

The treatment did her a world of good and her progress was noticeable with each passing day.

Apart from that, the past 11 months doing physiotherapy everyday has helped her regain muscular mass and strength and she can once again move with ease.

As for the traumatic brain injury and all the problems that arose from it (major memory loss, emotional problems and how she identified to her own person and character), she is doing much better after all the medical treatments and the help and warmth of the people there for her, family, friends and strangers alike.

The End of the Road? – Not Yet

The end of the road is not here yet and there is still progress to be made but for now, the situation is better than anyone could ever have hoped.

Diana has restarted her Master’s degree as the doctors recommended it and said it would help in her recovery and she is currently doing well and appreciating and taking advantage of her second chance at fulfilling her dreams.

For all this, I would like to thank each and every one of you, for your help and kindness, for your support, both financial and through good wishes and keeping in contact.

Good and Kind People

It helped both Diana as well as my wife and I through these emotionally and financially challenging times and it gives us hope that there are many good and kind people in this world, willing to help out even a stranger out of the kindness of their heart so thank you for everything once again, it means more than words could ever express.

On this occasion, we would like to wish you all good health, warmth and all the best in the world! – Titus.

GoFundMe Page Still Active

While Titus didn’t mention the GoFundMe page in his sincere ‘Thank You’ address to the people of the locality and all those who helped his family through the hardest and most worrying 12 months of their lives, the GoFundMe page is still active and it can be found by following the link here:

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